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Woman relinquishes custody of four kids for Occupy Wall Street

Families fracture for many different reasons - sometimes it's an amicable parting and sometimes it's one-sided. For one man in another state, the latter seems to have been the cause. Coloradans may have heard of this particular divorce and child custody case that is making national headlines, as it involves one of the past year's biggest movements: Occupy Wall Street. A woman who felt she needed to go participate in the New York protest left her four children and family for the movement and is now giving her husband full custody of her family.

This case is different than most divorces perhaps in that it went relatively uncontested, with the wife reportedly seeming rather "matter-of-fact," says another protester. She ended up receiving roughly $85,000 in the settlement, while her ex-husband has full custody of the children, ages 18, 16, 14 and 8. Her ex is now responsible for the house, mortgage, and the caring of these four children on his own. Their mother is allowed to visit them so long as the environment is healthy for them and they agree to be seen.

While it is unsure how often the children will see their mother, she has stated that she feels she left her family for a good cause: that she is "fighting for a better world." Parents who move to another state after their dissolution often can have trouble frequenting to their children's homes to visit. In such cases, there can sometimes be a split custody agreement worked out, involving different seasons or holiday breaks from school where the kids get to go to their other parent. Compromises can really help in situations like this, in order to ensure that the children's needs are being put first.

For Colorado parents who are discussing their custody contracts, being clear about their expectations and where they are going to live can help make things easier. There are many factors to consider about where the children will spend their time; including school, other family, friends and the kids' different activities/clubs. When creating an agreement with your previous spouse, it can help to have an experienced family law professional there to help mediate and explain your options. Contacting a lawyer could help you come to an agreement you're both more comfortable with.

Source: The New York Post, "After ditching her family, Occupy mom snags $85K in divorce," Brad Hamilton, Oct. 28, 2012

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