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Woman challenges divorce settlement based on claim of fraud

In Denver and other cities nationwide, divorces are settled every day. It is the job of family law courts to mediate a fair agreement regarding the involved couple's money and assets. Sometimes, however, one or both parties may either try to, or accidently, misrepresent their actual worth to the court, skewing the settlement in their favor.

The former owner of one Major League Baseball team is facing a divorce settlement dispute after having sold the team for significantly more than he had reportedly indicated the team was worth during divorce proceedings. The man's ex-wife filed a lawsuit to challenge the divorce settlement due to what she claims, was fraudulent testimony by her former husband.

According to reports, the woman claims her husband reported their combined asset valuation at under $300 million. After her ex-husband sold the baseball club for over $2 billion following their divorce, the woman filed a lawsuit to dispute her $131 million settlement. It was not reported whether she was, but it is likely she is seeking additional funds from her husband based on the amount of the sale price. The woman is herself an attorney, but it was not specifically stated whether she was representing herself in the settlement dispute proceedings.

Courts decide on asset division based on the assumption of truthful and accurate disclosure of funds, assets and properties. If it is found that one party has misled the court and/or the other party about the combined assets and their values, there could be legal grounds for the deceived person to re-visit the asset division settlement.

Source: Bloomberg, "LA Dodgers Secret Deal Can't Be Used in Divorce: Judge", Steven Church, April 15, 2013