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Coloradan parents with holiday stress? Divorced and dealing

As we near Thanksgiving and thus the official start of the holiday season, newly divorced Colorado parents no doubt begin to wonder what their season will hold and those who have been divorced for some time know how the changes can affect both you and your children. With all of the emotions and confusion, there ought to be a roadmap on how to handle family, food, fun and all these new feelings. One woman explains ways to make it easier on yourself and your family as you embark on the festivities.

There are some ways to work with your families in order to make the holidays a little less stressful. Working out a custody agreement that your children’s other parent and you can agree to will help when dealing with who-gets-the-kids-when come holiday season. Recognizing that your kids may look to you to see how they ought to deal with the new situation could help you maintain composure and a healthy attitude about family time.

Another helpful bit is to communicate with the extended family members about the time that the kids are going to have with you and with you ex. Being open about this and also leaving room for some down time can help both you and your children not feel overwhelmed and it can especially help to alleviate feelings of guilt they may have about spending more time with one parent. Working together and being flexible is key in the holiday season to not put too much pressure on an already difficult and thinly-stretched traditional time.

For Colorado parents, ensuring that you understand the terms of your custody and parenting time contract can help to prevent potential arguments as the busy holiday season nears. Should there be a conflict regarding your divorce and child custody, divorce mediation may be a helpful solution. Working with an attorney can help you to know what options you have and provide a legal forum to work out these emotional decisions.

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