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A collaborative effort: Colorado’s ex-couples’ counseling

Divorce mediation is something that is becoming increasingly popular in our nation. The positive effects of having a team of professionals who could help you and your ex to achieve the elusive middle ground regarding asset division, child custody, and settlements often highlight the benefit of working through a divorce collaboratively. Colorado residents have likely heard of this method, but may not know all that goes into it.

Collaborative divorce often involves several different kinds of professionals; including lawyers, therapists, as well as financial advisers. The idea behind divorce mediation is that a divorce that may or may not otherwise be contentious could have the option to run its course more smoothly. Working with these particular professionals on your divorce may be able to help you and your ex know where exactly the complicated finances will go, what the implications will be on both of you after a divorce and the best way to set yourselves up for the next phase of your lives.

One of the great benefits of this kind of mediation is that lots of times they involve helpful specialists who can work with children of a divorce and help them cope with however the divorce may be affecting them. One source explains that in some mediation practices, the people working with the children will make sure to let the rest of the collaborative team know how the children are feeling and include them as an influential part of the mediation.

Coloradans who are seeking alternative divorce processes and are interested in this kind of approach may wish to look into working with an attorney who is experienced in mediation. The kind of communication and clarity that can come from these experiences could help your family move on from the split in a potentially healthier or easier way.

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