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Colorado couples: Staying partners in business, but not in life

We’ve all been through the awkward and emotional situation of running into an ex before. Where you just want to escape, or maybe even torture yourself and go talk to them. It can be very painful to have to go through the moving on process – especially so for couples who were once married. For some Colorado couples, it can be even more difficult if you continue to work with your previous spouse.

Dividing up not only your home, assets and custody, but also your work? How does one even begin to climb that mountain? Several ex-couples were recently featured as having successfully split from their marriage and maintained a salvageable professional relationship. In some instances, working together one way is perhaps better for two people than working together another, namely in marriage. This is one of the more trying versions of property division as it is something the two will have to continue to work through each day after they become officially divorced.

One source mentions a few key ways to make this transition go a little better. One way is to work with a communication counselor in order to be able to calmly and effectively discuss matters with your previous significant other. Along with improving communication, another helpful idea is being open to working on a plan of action together. Especially for those couples who share ownership in their business, being clear and thorough about the specific divisions of business assets, share percentages, and partnership can help avoid potentially disruptive disputes that could affect the rest of the family.

Colorado residents who are having to find a happy medium in this difficult task of separating from your spouse completely may wish to work with an attorney in order to identify the areas that could be modified so an agreement can be reached. Whether it’s the business or other areas of your life together that are getting divided, knowing how to handle the situation can help a couple be more efficient and considerate in their divorce process.

Source: New York Times, “When Couples Decide to Divorce but Still Run the Business Together,” Bryan Borzykowski, Dec. 5, 2012


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