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How social should your ex’s social networking be post-divorce?

When you split up with someone there are many other things that get split up: custody of the dog, the house, the blender you both love. These are the things that Coloradans know about when you go into a divorce; that you’re fully aware you’ll have to compromise, fight for or begrudgingly hand over. These are things that are well-known when it comes to property division; however, there are some other things to be discussed now that property isn’t entirely tangible.

A recent source explained that there has been a growing corner of property division difficulty due to the popularity of social networking. Specifically, who can put what online. While you may wish to continue keeping your children off the internet, one woman is reported to have found pictures of her kids on the dating profile page her ex-husband had posted. While someone may prefer to keep the personal details of their divorce private, their ex-spouse may wish to seek out advice via a Facebook status. The possibilities continue to expand.

So how, one might ask, does someone go about making certain information and property sacred? One source suggests serious communication with your previous significant other about why it is important to keep these details and specifics private. Working with a family law attorney to understand the boundaries of your divorce and working to respect them in all aspects could help to make both new households a better environment.

Colorado residents going through a divorce might understand the particular complexities of this issue. While it may seem trivial, the kinds of situations social media can create can be spun as positively or negatively as is desired. Keeping in mind that the internet can be a tricky place to vent divorce frustrations might be good as these things can often get back to other people or even children. Working with someone on the terms of your property division might especially behoove those who are having difficulty with the process.

Source: sltoday.com, “Who gets custody of the Facebook profile info after a divorce?,” Aisha Sultan, Dec. 31, 2012

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