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Divorce does not have to be messy with collaborative mediation

Ending a marriage is difficult for each side. The decision to get a divorce is often only the start of the difficulties that come with the whole process. Alternative methods, like divorce mediation, have been developed to help couples reach amicable settlements, sidestepping actual court appearances and some of the divorce issues that are harder to face. In Colorado and other states, couples are increasingly looking to these unconventional options for dissolving a marriage.

Going beyond typical divorce mediation, collaborative divorce offers an option to reach a cooperative agreement, without the typical aggravations that are associated with even an uncontested divorce. A collaborative divorce includes a team of professionals, such as mediators, attorneys, counselors and even financial advisors to help avoid lengthy arbitration and court expenses, that help couples to dissolve their marriage and reach the necessary settlements without the extreme emotional stress that often accompanies traditional divorce proceedings.

In a collaborative divorce the involved parties agree not to formally take the case to court. This method has a number of benefits, including being easier on any children involved, allowing more freedom to negotiate terms based on the couple’s situation and giving couples the ability to handle the settlement on their own timetable.

If you are getting divorced or are considering getting a divorce, it may be a good idea to speak with a family law attorney or divorce mediator. They will be able to answer any questions you may have so you can fully understand all of your legal options.

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