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No big gambling payouts for those who owe child support

Whether parents are together or not, they are both expected to contribute to raising their child. All too often people fall behind on their child support payments for one reason or another. Individual states, such as Colorado and others, each have their own regulations and enforcement policies to ensure the financial needs of raising a child are met. In many states, severe consequences are put in place as deterrents, to prevent parents from defaulting on their obligations.

One state has come up with a unique way to collect owed child support monies from parents who gamble. For those who win big at legal gambling establishments, if they are found to owe child support or back taxes, those winnings cannot be paid out; they are confiscated and sent to the state to be applied to the winner’s delinquent payments and debt. When winners go to cash out, if they have won $600 or more, a background check with their social security number is required. Depending on the amount of a person’s debt, a portion or their entire “jackpot” can be withheld.

Since 2010, the law has garnered significant success. Over $4 million was collected in 2010. Progress has continued with more than $10 million being retrieved in 2011 and over $12 million confiscated in 2012. If the law continues to show positive results, Colorado and other states could choose to implement similar laws to help with recovering monies owed for things like child support or unpaid taxes.

If you owe or are owed child support payments, it might be beneficial to obtain legal representation. An attorney familiar with your state’s family laws can help ensure that your interests, as well as the best interests of your child are upheld.

Source: The New York Post, “Winner takes none”, Carl Campanile, April 22, 2013


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