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Should embryos be part of high asset division or custody battles

Certainly most parents would agree that no possessions in the world are more valuable than their children. However, when a couple in Jefferson County files for a high asset divorce, their children would never be divided like marital property. Instead, a parenting plan would be written up and custody rights would be appropriately granted.

Editorial By The Parting Family Law Section Chair

Throughout my 18 years of practicing law, 14 of which have been solely in the domestic relations arena, this past year has proven to be the most demanding in terms of case load, client management, client expectations, and judicial challenges. I suspect I am not alone in my observations of the trials and tribulations of a domestic relations practitioner. I wonder if this increasing difficulty can be attributed to technology and the slow economic recovery. Both have certainly led to an increase in divorce filings and an extraordinary number of post-decree disputes.

Colorado same-sex couples may face child support woes upon moving

Civil unions between same-sex couples are legal in the state of Colorado. Under these laws, couples are granted a large majority of the same rights that couples with state civil marriages receive, though they do not offer any of the federal benefits. One privilege is the ability to adopt children together, receive child support and obtain visitation rights.

Adoptive parents and birth father fight for child custody

Denver family law cases, especially those involving children, can be difficult and emotional. All parties are generally interested in providing their children with the best life, though sometimes their own desires can help cloud judgments regarding what steps will most benefit the child’s future.

Divorce mediation can help older couples split assets

In any Denver divorce, dividing assets via divorce mediation can be difficult. This is no different when it comes to couples over the age of fifty who have 401ks, assets tied up in property and other money that has been set aside for retirement. They must come to an agreement regarding how the property will be divided; otherwise, they can risk a court-ordered decision that may not be in their favor.

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