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Mistakes to avoid when forming a business

Starting a business can be challenging; there are several considerations business owners need to make when forming a business, including a variety of complex legal issues. Business owners also need to decide how their business will be funded as well as creating a business plan. 

All these issues can be overwhelming for new business owners. Business formation is not easy. That is why individuals thinking about forming a business should be aware of the most common mistakes business owners make when first starting their companies and what steps to take instead. 

Starting a business on your own is a very common mistake. Working on a start-up alone can be very challenging and lead to burn out. That is why individuals should try to have a co-founder or advisors when starting a business to offer different viewpoints as well as help get all the work done. 

It is important to not start a business by yourself but another common mistake is having too many co-founders. Too many co-founders can lead to arguments and dysfunction, which will ultimately harm the success of the business. Make sure you have one or two trustworthy and reliable co-founders that will help the business succeed. 

Many new business owners think their product or company is the best thing since sliced bread. However, not all products, ideas or companies work so it is important for business owners to be open to changing their company or product to be successful in the future. 

Another common mistake business owners should be aware of is not understanding the challenges they will face. It is important to address and fix any issues or concerns in the company before it’s too late. This means being open to communication and criticism within the company and from customers or clients. If something in the company isn’t working, make an effort to fix it and make it better to show that your company is responsive and able to adapt to change. 

Source: Inc., “12 Mistakes Start-Ups Make the First Year,” Oct. 28, 2013


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