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Preparing prior to divorce mediation can help the process along

Divorce can be strenuous and costly. For that reason, many Jefferson County couples are turning to divorce mediation in order to save money and have more control over the outcome of issues involving child custody, spousal support and child support.

According to reports, around 35 percent of divorcing couples file divorce proceedings themselves or use self-help services. This number is likely so high considering that divorces, especially those that are drawn out, can be expensive and many people simply don’t have the funds to cover them.

In order to combat some of the expenses, there are a number of things that divorcing couples can do. Authorities believe that a couple should have a clear understanding of how much it will cost for things like mediation services. They also indicate that couples should understand that keeping a lawyer out of the divorce proceedings doesn’t automatically indicate that the cost of divorce will be decreased.

A helpful suggestion given is that couples should be open about pertinent information and work quickly toward a settlement agreement. By doing so without being hostile or underhanded, a couple can cut the costs associated with their divorce as their mediation will less likely be drawn out.

Even if you choose to mediate your divorce, you should consider consulting a family law attorney before going into negotiations. Doing so might prevent some people from reaching a settlement agreement that may not be in their best interests, or one that will cost them financially in the long run.

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