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Experts can help divorce mediation run smoother

Even uncontested divorces in Jefferson County aren’t necessarily easy when it comes to deciding the terms of the divorce agreement. From child custody to property division, couples must decide important, life-changing decisions. As such, many couples turn to divorce mediation to help them more affably navigate the process.

Divorce mediators act as an unbiased third party to settle any conflicts that may arise. In some cases, another neutral party, an industry expert, may be called on to help identify key information that is necessary in order to create a fair agreement.

For example, a vocational expert can help determine a fair spousal support or child support payment. If a spouse has spent a portion of the marriage unemployed, getting back into the workforce may be difficult and affect their earning potential. A vocational expert will help bring these issues to light.

When it comes to property division, the couple may have differing opinions on real estate values. In the case of unique or high asset properties, a couple may benefit from turning to a real property expert to offer their impartial, professional opinion on how much their martial home or investment properties are worth. This helps ensure that the equitable distribution will be both accurate and fair.

Furthermore, a private child custody expert can analyze how the divorce will impact the child and help determine their best interests when presenting a parenting plan for consideration.

Whether you have a divorce lawyer, a mediator or both, turning to outside experts to provide sensible recommendations better ensures that you won’t make emotional decisions that you might regret in the future.

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