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Report shows that unpaid child support is a common problem

Many may feel that they are alone in their pursuit of unpaid child support. Although the Denver courts may award financial assistance needed to help raise a child, actually collecting on that money is often a difficult process.

According to a report by the United States Census Bureau, approximately one quarter of parents who were eligible to collect child support payments received nothing. The study also indicated that in one year’s time the national total of unpaid support payments rose to greater than $14 billion.

The survey indicated that many custodial parents are trying to take the collection efforts into their own hands by working with their former partner. Just over ten percent of those surveyed stated that the other parent was unable to make consistent payments so they created an informal agreement instead of taking the issue to court. The report suggests that the trend toward making unofficial arrangements is growing, and that in the last decade and a half approximately 25 percent of people opted out of a legal agreement.

While it may seem financially savvy to circumvent the expenses of legal assistance, in the long run doing so can be more harmful than prudent. Although many more individuals now prefer collecting the support on their own, records indicate that those efforts haven’t been overly successful.

When working with a lawyer to navigate the court system, you can better ensure that failure to pay child support will be met with the proper, legal ramifications. In many instances, fear of those consequences is enough to entice some individuals to pay.

Source: LA Times, “Billions of dollars in child support go unpaid yearly,” Emily Alpert Reyes, Nov. 20, 2013


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