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December 2013 Archives

International abduction bill will help reunite parents with kids

Some Denver families have found out the hard way that child custody disputes are usually complex and rife with emotions. Most parents want to do what is best for their children, but sometimes they fail to consider the desires of their former partner. In order to skirt the system and prevent the other parent from spending time with their child, some individuals will leave the country and take their kid with them.

Stricter DUI law starts in Colorado on January 1

While frequently devastating, drunk driving accidents are one of the most preventable accidents in Denver. These negligent drivers cause families to be turned upside down in an instant. Serious injuries and even death are often caused by a drunk driver; these can be completely prevented if the driver elects to stay sober.

Men's clothing retailer companies' battle to lead merger

In a capitalistic society, mergers and acquisition are essential to economic growth. In most cases involving mergers and acquisitions, the corporate strategy is to find solutions that will help create both process and cost efficiencies. Executing the merger and acquisition of a corporate entity, however, can be a tough and complicated task. And, sometimes the process of actually merging two companies into one can take time.

Mediation can often make a divorce less stressful on children

Divorce can be exceptionally hard on children, especially if the breakups are bitter. They often devastate the lives of young ones in a way that may have a profound effect on them for the rest of their lives. However, for many Jefferson County couples, divorce is the only road toward true happiness. A recently published article named divorce mediation as one of the best ways for couples to protect their children from harm while being freed from an unfixable relationship.

Staying safe around snowplows in Denver

Colorado residents know a thing or two about snow. With the large amount of snow that falls in Denver and the surrounding areas for many months of the year most drivers are careful and prudent while driving. But snowplows can bring in a new complication for many drivers.

The future of product liability and home manufacturing

Product liability cases are often some of the more common business litigation cases that occur in the United States. Unfortunately, as many Colorado businesses know, product liability cases can do serious damage to a company's reputation and bottom line. Because there is no federal product liability law, business litigation involving product liability claims are generally based on state law and, in some instances, require a plaintiff to show negligence.

Alleged drunk driver crashes, killing one and injuring others

In Jefferson, drivers must constantly be aware of the possibility of a drunk driver on the road. With the ability to occur at any time, drunk driving accidents can lead to serious injuries and even death. Even the most cautious drivers are not immune to the potential drunk driver appearing and affecting their lives for an extended period, damaging it significantly.

Divorcing couples should consider taxes when dividing assets

In Colorado, couples must divide their assets according to the rules of equitable distribution. If the pair is unable to come up with an agreement on their own, the courts will decide on their behalf. In many cases, division of marital property will result in a fairly even split. However, depending on how the distribution takes place, one spouse may be exclusively liable for future taxes that can ultimately lower an asset’s overall value.

Colorado attorney general, Argosy University settle lawsuit

The Denver branch of Argosy University and its parent company were recently sued by the attorney general of Colorado for allegedly deceiving students who were enrolled in two doctoral programs with the university. According to a report, the lawsuit alleged that Argosy had misled students to believe that the programs in question were accredited, or the university had planned to apply for accreditation by the American Psychological Association.

Denver car accident sends vehicle into apartment building

Residents in Denver understand a car accident can affect a person's life at any time even if they're not driving. It can happen to a bicyclist, a pedestrian or a person who is simply sitting in his or her home. Car accidents can result in serious injuries and medical expenses to those involved and significantly influence their lives for a long time.

Former couple fighting over alleged hidden assets after divorce

Whenever large sums of money are involved in Denver divorce proceedings, things can quickly become contentious. One person may try to protect their interests while the other may feel that they are entitled to a cut of the money. In some instances that may be the case.

Beastie Boys sued by toy company after copyright dispute

A marketing video is making waves online after using one of the Beastie Boy's songs to promote the company's GoldieBlox engineering toys for girls. GoldieBlox's video features young girls singing to the Beastie Boy's song, "Girls," but the words are changed to talk about coding software and building spaceships. 

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