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Former couple fighting over alleged hidden assets after divorce

Whenever large sums of money are involved in Denver divorce proceedings, things can quickly become contentious. One person may try to protect their interests while the other may feel that they are entitled to a cut of the money. In some instances that may be the case.

According to reports, a former couple entered into a complex asset division dispute years after their divorce ended. The man claims that his ex-wife may be worth millions of dollars after she secretly invested in Twitter while they were married, a fact that was allegedly hidden from the man until he accidentally found out.

Sources report that at the time of the divorce Twitter was still an up-and-coming social media outlet. The wife reportedly invested up to $50,000 dollars in shares, and participated in business meetings at least six months before the couple split.

According to the man’s estimates, his wife may be worth as much as $50 million and likely as little as $10 million. He believes that her failure to disclose her Twitter shares in their divorce asset valuation constitutes fraud. Furthermore, the man claims that he was made to pay the woman approximately $120,000 in child support and believes that he should be reimbursed for that money and gain a portion of the woman’s shares.

Although the woman denies the allegations, she will be taxed with the burden of proving to the court that the investments either don’t exist or were obtained from money that was not considered marital funds.

When dealing with disputes such as these, turning to a family law attorney for assistance is prudent and often necessary in order to reach a positive outcome.

Source: 7 News, “Ex sues former wife over hidden Twitter stock,” Jay Hart, Nov. 28, 2013


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