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Mediation can often make a divorce less stressful on children

Divorce can be exceptionally hard on children, especially if the breakups are bitter. They often devastate the lives of young ones in a way that may have a profound effect on them for the rest of their lives. However, for many Jefferson County couples, divorce is the only road toward true happiness. A recently published article named divorce mediation as one of the best ways for couples to protect their children from harm while being freed from an unfixable relationship.

Money is a great source of contention in many marriages, and in an effort to punish their former partner, some individuals will drag out divorce proceedings to drive up the costs and drive their ex crazy. Using a mediator to work out an agreement can generally save both time and money, thus positively affecting your children in the long run.

While both parties are not always going to easily agree on every aspect of the divorce agreement, couples that turn to a mediator for assistance are usually more willing to effectively work through their issues. This can also be beneficial to children who are not then forced to witness an acrimonious split followed by a nasty and lengthy litigation process.

Additionally, leaving your future up to a judge can either be incredibly beneficial or a move that you will later regret. Working with a mediator can better guarantee that couples will agree to a fair settlement that works for all parties involved.

Those who are interested in mediation should still consider turning to a divorce lawyer for assistance. Taking matters into your own hands doesn’t mean that you have to sign an agreement that doesn’t fully protect the best interests of you and your child.

Source: The Huffington Post, “5 Ways to Protect Children During Divorce,” Deborah Anderson Bialis, Nov. 25, 2013


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