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Staying safe around snowplows in Denver

Colorado residents know a thing or two about snow. With the large amount of snow that falls in Denver and the surrounding areas for many months of the year most drivers are careful and prudent while driving. But snowplows can bring in a new complication for many drivers.

As the winter season ramps up and the major snow begins to fall, Denver residents should be aware of snowplows and make sure they are safe when they’re on the road. Authorities advise that drivers should not pass plows unless it’s absolutely necessary and it’s safe to do so. Keeping distance from the plow is critical in avoiding car accidents. It is important to remember that when the roads are treacherous the braking time needed in avoiding collisions is much greater. Keeping a safe distance back allows plow drivers to see around them and allows them to do their job safely. Also, the salt/sand mix can damage cars.

Although most snowplow drivers are extremely safe, accidents on the part of a negligent driver or a distracted driver can still occur. Snowplows are much larger than passenger vehicles and accidents with these vehicles can result in serious injury or death. If a loved one has been involved in an accident involving a negligent driver a personal injury may help a family determine what happened and collect maximum compensation for their injuries or loss. This can help a family overcome legal hurdles in order to recover damages and set the stage to move on with their grief.

This winter Denver residents will once again be confronted with lots of snow and driving during inclement weather. Staying safe while driving is critical for residents, but when the unthinkable happens it is important to know their legal rights.

Source: WICS.com, “Sharing the road with snow plows,” Dec. 13, 2013


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