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January 2014 Archives

Motorcycle deputy killed in collision

Denver motorcycle drivers enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery that can only be experienced by being so exposed to the outdoors. Unfortunately, motorcycle drivers also are significantly more at risk to die in a motorcycle accident. According to the NHTSA, motorcycle drivers are 35 times more likely to be killed in an accident than a car driver. Even when motorcycle drivers take precautions and wear a helmet and other protective gear, they are completely exposed to a collision.

Colorado based Coors expands into restaurant business

Business law is a broad area of expertise that covers a wide variety of disciplines. From debt financing and tax planning to business formation and acquisitions, the scope of business law is only as limited as the dreams and desires of the people who create the businesses. Colorado readers may be interested in the following blog about one company's decision to step outside its comfort zone and expand.

Denver area family business spotlights possibilities

In business, owners will always have to take calculated risks in order to succeed and grow their investments. Taking such risks can have rewards, but are sometimes wrought with peril. However, in one Denver family's case, the decision and dedication to "growing" their family owned business is set to pay huge dividends.

Divorce mediation doesn't always go smoothly

Even in the most amicable of divorces, Denver couples can often find it hard to get down to the nitty-gritty of creating a mutually-acceptable divorce settlement. Some feel intimidated when it comes time to discuss their desires, while others allow outside influences to get in the way. For those couples who truly want to keep their divorce away from litigation, trying divorce mediation is a good option.

Pedestrian killed while crossing Denver road

Many Denver residents enjoy an active lifestyle that includes many outdoor activities. Drivers learn quickly that there are many pedestrians who share the road. Unfortunately, pedestrian car accidents do still occur and many times the results are serious.

Determining what to do with a marital home following a divorce

Many Denver couples may feel that the only option they have following a divorce is to sell the martial home. It is important to understand that every divorcing couple is unique, as is the method they take during asset division. Therefore, what they choose to do with their home depends on a number of factors.

American Idol host involved in patent infringement suit

While there isn't a sector of the business world that doesn't see litigation from time to time, it often seems like the technology sector is particularly prone to business disputes. In fact, in one of the more recent tech related disputes, smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry is reportedly suing a telephone company backed by famed "American Idol" host Ryan Seacrest. Colorado readers may find the following blog about the recent business litigation between the two companies interesting.

Arvada man pleads guilty to fatal crash and driving drunk

One of the most tragic elements of some car accidents is its preventable nature. In Denver, drunk driving accidents are some of the most avoidable type of car accidents. The choice a person makes to drive after drinking can result in serious injuries and death for the driver, their passengers or other people.

Teen killed by speeding car

Teen drivers are notorious for their bad decisions regarding driving. This is the reason why their insurance premiums are through the roof. However, their bad driving does not mean that they should not be held accountable for car accidents they cause through their negligence.

The inevitable nature of business litigation in 2014

As any Colorado business owner can attest too, sometimes litigation is part of doing business. From very ordinary day-to-day transactions to contract disputes and complex mergers, business litigation is almost inevitable in modern society. In fact, for some businesses litigation is almost just as much a part of life as the very products they sell or services they provide. Colorado readers may find the following interesting.

Colorado parents who don't pay child support may face issues

All across the nation failure to pay child support is a major issue, and in Colorado it is no different. Many families are left without the financial assistance they need when non-custodial parents try and skirt their child support orders.

Deadly Christmas morning accident in Montbello

One of the most preventable types of accident in Denver is drunk driving accidents. Drunk drivers can turn a family upside down in a matter of seconds. Serious injuries including death are common with these accidents, causing unanticipated expenses and changing lives forever.

Contract dispute results in nearly $449 million arbitration order

As every Colorado businessperson knows, a contract dispute can be time consuming and costly. While the best way to avoid contract disputes is to have a well-drafted contract, sometimes even the best contract is vulnerable to dispute. When this happens, the best weapon may be a skilled and experienced business attorney and a choice to use a dispute resolution process like arbitration. Colorado readers may find the following contract dispute among two world famous businesses interesting.

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