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February 2014 Archives

Protect your alimony with an Alimony and Maintenance Trust

When Denver couples go through divorces, the equitable division of marital property is often a significant issue in the proceedings. Further compounding the difficulties of asset allotment is the fact that, in some cases, parties are unwilling to make their support payments to ex-spouses. For those who believe they may face this problem if they pursue a divorce, it may be wise to proactively protect against such a situation.

How will marijuana legalization affect driving in Colorado?

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado, residents are wondering how people who are driving under the influence of pot are affecting car accidents. Authorities are working on coming up with ways to test drivers who seem to be impaired.

CDOT and Plenary Roads contract "finally" finalized

Public-private partnerships are becoming increasingly common in local communities throughout the United States. While such partnerships can provide huge benefits to governments in the form of cost savings, and businesses in the form of revenue, such arrangements are not without their complications. In fact, one of the most difficult aspects of public-private partnerships involves negotiating business contracts and the all too common contract disputes that can follow.

Prenuptial agreements can simplify a high asset divorce

When two people decide to end their marriage, the issue of property division often comes up. Who will get what and how much are often questions that are left to the Colorado court system to decide. In situations of a high-asset divorce, the dispute can become especially tense. In order to simplify the process, some people use prenuptial agreements, which outline how assets will be divided should the marriage end.

Cable television mergers faces antitrust scrutiny from regulators

The actual technical and legal details of organizing a successful business merger are rather complex. From satisfying the concerns of investors and regulators, to ensuring that proper due diligence has been exercised leading up to the transaction, major mergers and acquisitions need to be handled with care. In fact, when acquiring a new business even a friendly acquisition can prove to be a rather surprisingly challenging task.

Man arrested for hit-and-run death of boy

Tragedies like hit and run car accidents can tear apart families forever. Denver residents who have suffered from such tragedy know how important it is for families to seek justice from negligent drivers.

Increased value of marital assets may be leading to more divorces

Like the rest of the country, Denver residents are seeing some of the benefits of an improving national economy. While this upturn is certainly good news, it may also have ramifications for couples who have decided to dissolve their marriages, as it can impact court decisions regarding divorce settlements such as asset division, alimony and child support payments.

Fort Collins woman suspected of killing bicyclist surrenders

Colorado residents enjoy an active outdoors lifestyle for most of the year. Bicycling is a popular activity and bike awareness is something that is stressed among motorists. However, bike accidents do occur.

Major technology company considers sale of a business segment

Anyone in Colorado who has used a computer over the past decade or so likely remembers how prevalent the company IBM was in personal computing. In fact, it was IBM's chip business that may have made the business a household name in technology. Yet, as time has passed, the company's focus has turned to different ventures, including cloud and cognitive computing technologies.

Farm assets should be protected from divorce

Many rural Colorado residents’ lives are deeply intertwined in their farms, especially given that they are generally both a source of income and a family’s home. In many cases the farm was inherited from former generations and has deep ancestral roots. Therefore, ensuring that this important property is protected during a high-asset divorce is essential.

High-asset divorce includes unusual and complicated claims

Denver divorce proceedings can be very complicated, particularly if highly valuable assets are involved. When millions are at stake, issues of alimony, asset division, and other financial disputes can stretch into years-long court battles, and may include novel legal claims.

Rocky Mountain region sees decline in oil and gas mergers

Mergers and acquisitions -- also known as M&A -- are essential to economic progress in a capitalist society. Generally, the term "mergers and acquisitions" refers to the consolidation of companies either through the combination of two separate entities to form a new, single company or the purchase of one company by another company in order to incorporate it into an existing entity. M&A activity is often viewed as a sign of economic health.

Man killed by suspected drunk driver in Aurora

With the Broncos in the Super Bowl this year, practically all of Denver was glued to their TV sets this past Sunday. The party-like atmosphere also resulted in a good number of people enjoying a few alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, people do make mistakes and drive their cars after they have been drinking, which many times ends tragically in drunk driving accidents.

Father tries to pay child support, still given max jail sentence

Court-ordered child support payments can sometimes lead to difficult issues for separated or divorced Colorado parents, and sometimes state legislatures will attempt to create a better legal framework for such situations by passing new laws. However, these child support laws can sometimes lead to negative results that are likely counter to their intended purposes.

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