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How will marijuana legalization affect driving in Colorado?

With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado, residents are wondering how people who are driving under the influence of pot are affecting car accidents. Authorities are working on coming up with ways to test drivers who seem to be impaired.

The health community is warning residents that there is a new concern that people should be aware of drivers who are driving while stoned. Many people who smoke pot do not think that it affects their driving. This attitude makes public officials concerned because, when people are under the effects of marijuana, they do not drive as well.

This area of driving under the influence of marijuana is now coming into light because of the recent legalization of the drug. Studies are being conducted to see if the effects of marijuana do actually result in more accidents, like alcohol does. Having a blood alcohol content of more than .08 and driving is illegal. There is currently no comparable test for those who have smoked pot. Technology to determine what a driver has in their system is trying to catch up with the legalization of the drug. In the future, police hope to have a test they can conduct after pulling a driver over.

Families who are affected by a negligent driver are usually very angry at the situation. Their loved one was taken unexpectedly from them, and they want to know what happened. A negligent driver could have been distracted or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A legal professional skilled in wrongful death can help families determine what happened to their loved one and who is at fault. Families can receive damages for their tremendous loss and deserve to have this compensation to pay for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages and other monetary and non-monetary damages.

Residents in Colorado now have a new issue to worry about on the roads, the effect of marijuana on drivers. All drivers should use caution when driving and know their limits. Being safe is the most important thing when driving around our area.

Source: NPR, “No easy answers for DUI concerns as marijuana gains support,” Feb. 23, 2014


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