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Authorities cracking down on street racing in Denver

The beautiful area of Denver is home to people who love the outdoors and all the activities associated with it. But, another activity is emerging that is dangerous to bystanders: street racing. The street racing culture has led to car accidents in the community, claiming the life of a young boy and seriously injuring others.

Street racing in Denver on Sunday nights has become a ritual for many. These cars meet in a predetermined parking lot and then go off to find a long, straight road on which to race. Hundreds of cars gather in that location and then block off roads to race. Denver police have been monitoring the situation every Sunday night since a woman was hit from behind on interstate 25 with her two kids in the car and an eleven-year-old was killed crossing the street in a hit-and-run accident. Denver police know how dangerous street racing can be and have been present at these meet ups to make sure that everyone is being safe, but since meeting and showing off one’s car is not illegal, arrests rarely occur here. They often do, however, record license plate numbers and give the owners known to be street racing a public nuisance violation which results in their car being impounded.

A negligent driver, like one who street races, can cause a fatal accident that leaves a family devastated. These families can be torn apart by the needless reckless driving and the unanticipated injury or death of a loved one. A legal professional skilled in personal injury can help these families recover compensation for their loss. Though this compensation cannot bring a loved one back, it may help pay for medical expenses, funeral expenses, loss of wages and other monetary and non-monetary damages. Drivers who drive recklessly at another person’s expense deserve to be held accountable and wrongful death lawsuit is one way to do so.

Street racing is extremely dangerous not only to those who participate in the activity, but also those who happen to be in their way. Although Denver authorities have been cracking down on the situation, severe accidents and deaths continue to occur. Holding these irresponsible drivers accountable for their actions is important in order to prevent future needless accidents.

Source: thedenverchannel.com, “Illegal street racing on Denver-area roads and highways endangers bystanders,” Marshall Zelinger, Mar. 2, 2014


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