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By relieving guilt and anger, mediation can produce resolution

Even with the best of intentions, Jefferson County couples can quickly become mired in bitter emotional reactions when engaging in divorce proceedings. This can cause an already stressful situation to escalate, and prevent constructive conversations and negotiations. While court proceedings can be the solution for some couples, many find divorce mediation to be a more productive alternative, in part because it helps to bring emotional resolution to both spouses.

According to one divorce mediator, clients often choose to take their cases to court in order to air their grievances formally, perhaps because they feel that their emotional frustrations and mistreatment have never been acknowledged. Mediation can help to relieve these strong emotional drains, which can allow each spouse to use this energy to resolve their conflicts and move divorce proceedings forward more effectively.

A sincere and honest apology, for example, can sometimes be the breakthrough first step in resolving contentious divorce issues. If wrongs have been committed on one or both sides, acknowledging these actions and taking responsibilities for their outcomes can help to turn mediation discussions onto a positive and productive track.

Couples who believe they face significant emotional hurdles if they proceed with their divorces in a court setting may wish to consider mediation. This form of alternative dispute resolution can help to resolve divorce issues such as child custody and spousal support in a manner that also helps to start the healing process. Those who wish to pursue this option may want to discuss it with their divorce attorneys.

Source: The Huffington Post, “The Power of an Apology in Divorce,” Betsy Ross, Feb. 12, 2014


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