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Child support can be impacted by new significant others

For Denver residents who are or have been engaged in divorce proceedings, it can be refreshing and emotionally fulfilling to begin a new romantic relationship. These budding romances can, however, have an impact on divorce agreements, including those that involve alimony, child support payments and child custody arrangements. Those who are receiving child support from their children’s other parent may, therefore, want to carefully consider the legal consequences that new relationships can have on divorce agreements.

Experts caution that allowing dates to stay overnight can have serious effects on divorce proceedings and financial agreements, and should therefore only be done with a clear understanding of potential legal consequences. For example, child support can sometimes be altered if the receiving parent begins to cohabitate with another person. The definition for cohabitation varies from state to state; in California, romantic interests who stay for three non-consecutive nights can be legally considered cohabitants. This means that in some states, a relatively small number of overnight stays can lead to significant changes to a divorcees financial situation.

Inviting new significant others and dates into the home can also pose problems for child custody arrangements, as it may be within ex-spouses’ rights to question the character of anyone who spends a substantial amount of time around their children.

Depending on the specifics of divorce decrees, child support guidelines and other related settlement agreements, allowing a new significant other to enter your home and stay overnight could invite a host of legal consequences. If you are concerned about your financial needs and want a clearer understanding of what could result if you begin a relationship, you may want to discuss the matter with an attorney.

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