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Mediation can help families cope with divorce

Divorcing Denver couples probably expect that they will need to cope with a number of legal matters such as child support, child custody, property division and alimony. What they may not consider are the long-term consequences of failing to resolve the emotional stress of a divorce. If these issues are not addressed properly, divorcees can begin to take out their frustrations on friends and family members. For some, divorce mediation can be an effective way of working through these emotional issues in a healthy manner.

One divorce expert advises that resolving disputes through mediation could have benefits that stretch beyond the divorcing parties. For example, in some instances divorcees feel that their parents are not supportive if they maintain contact with the ex-spouse. By using mediation and other healthy coping mechanisms, divorcing parties can talk with their parents without feeling frustrated or betrayed. This can assist divorcees and parents appreciate each others’ perspectives, which can in turn help these divorcees come to terms with the fact that their parents may continue to have relationships with ex-spouses.

For many people, family members are an important support system that they rely on before, during and after a divorce. It may be a natural inclination for divorcees to assume that these people will abandon the ex-spouses as soon as the marriage comes to an end, but this may not always be the case. It is important for divorcees to understand that some of the family members they rely on for emotional support may want or need to maintain a relationship with the ex-spouse as well. Those who feel that they may need to address this issue may want to ask their attorneys about including mediation in their divorce proceedings.

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