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Property division ruling takes parties' estrangement into account

Divorce may be a somewhat common occurrence in Denver, but this does not mean that there are variations between cases. While many divorcing couples face similar legal issues, such as property division in a high-asset divorce, there are cases in which contextual matters will persuade a judge to make an atypical decision.

Motorcycle accident kills rider who fell under truck's wheels

In Denver, motorcycles and vehicles need to share the road. For the most part, drivers are cautious. In some instances, however, a motorcycle accident is unavoidable. Because motorcyclists are so vulnerable, motorcycle accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries and fatalities. These accidents can happen for a variety of reasons, from carelessness to drunkenness to uncontrollable circumstances such as the weather.

Motorcyclist killed in Commerce City

Drinking and driving is still a major problem across the United States, including the Denver area despite the fact that motorists know, or should know, that it is not a good idea to drive after drinking because of the effects alcohol has on a person's body. Nevertheless every day someone is killed in a drunk driving accident.

New bill creates new obstacles for Colorado employers

Colorado entrepreneurs know that running a business is no easy task. From managing employees and purchasing products to keeping up on all the new technological breakthroughs and possible patent or trademark infringements, few people can manage a business alone. In fact, having a team in place that will cover all aspects of a business, from a developer to an experienced business attorney, is imperative.

Drunk voicemail cost woman custody of her children

Many Jefferson County divorcees find that from the time a divorce is initiated to the time a settlement is reached, they are exceptionally stressed on a regular basis. While some of this may be unavoidable, it is important for divorcing parties to make focus on staying levelheaded throughout the process, particularly in cases involving a child custody dispute.

Colorado is booming in entrepreneurial spirit

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of capitalism, and Colorado is at the heart of entrepreneurship. Or at least, that is what a recent report published by the Kauffman Foundation suggests. According to the report since last year the state of Colorado has climbed to the fifth-most entrepreneurial state in the nation with a rate of new business creation of 0.38 percent. This is a surprising trend considering the overall decline in the creation of new businesses nationally.

Denver intersection cameras under scrutiny

Traffic red-light cameras have been in place across Colorado since 2005. Recently these cameras have been a source of conflict in the Colorado Legislature. A car accident can be a life-altering event and traumatic for all those involved.

State tries to work with parents who cannot afford child support

Divorced Denver couples with children often incorporate child support guidelines into their divorce settlements. While some parents can rely on these payments, others are constantly faced with a former partner’s failure to pay child support. To combat such issues, some states take a proactive stance toward collecting delinquent support payments, making efforts to ensure that the payments will be on-time in the future.

Charlie Sheen asked judge to cut child support payments

While celebrities and the wealthy can seem to have it all, they often succumb to the same acrimony in divorce proceedings can plague the average Denver resident. Although they have millions of dollars, some of these people still argue vehemently over divorce settlement issues such as alimony and child support, arguing that these payment requirements should be reduced.

College wins patent suit against Marvell Technology

When a company invents a new product, the first step is to obtain a patent. While the patent secures the inventing company's right to the property, enforcement of those rights is still required. That is why when a competitor makes, uses or sells a patented product without the patent holder's permission, it is imperative that intellectual property protection is pursued quickly and very aggressively. Colorado readers might find the following article on a recent intellectual property dispute interesting.

Property division is a marathon, not a sprint

While many Denver couples enter into marriage believing they will last forever, the unfortunate reality is that sometimes divorces are necessary. When this occurs, untangling marital property that two people have accrued together can be lengthy and emotionally wearying. Those who are considering a divorce may wish to draw on the advice of legal, financial and mediation professionals to help them understand the mental and emotional impact of dividing marital property.

Click it or Ticket begins in many CO towns

Denver and car drivers from surrounding area know that seatbelts save lives. Unfortunately, not everyone has received that message and those that aren't buckled up can suffer serious injury and even death if they're involved in a car accident.

Vail Resorts signs $300 million lease agreement

Building a successful and competitive business takes time and resources. Especially for businesses the size of Colorado-based Vail Resorts, which was reported to have nearly $205.3 million in cash on hand at the end of January. Of that, the company appeared to have spent $3 million on recent business litigation and said it plans to spend $7.5 million more on a business dispute that could have major payoffs for the company.

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