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May 2014 Archives

Man owes $100,000 in child support, ordered to stop having kids

Child support disputes can be frustrating for all parties involved, including judges. Many Jefferson County judges understand the hardships that are sustained when noncustodial parents do not fulfill their court-ordered financial obligations to contribute to the every day expenses of their children. Because of this, sometimes courts will issue rulings that may seem a little outside-of-the-box to ensure that these obligations are taken seriously.

Woman gets prison sentence for causing fatal crash while drunk

Fatal car accidents in Denver happen from time to time. Negligence resulting from bad choices that drivers make can be a common cause. Drunk driving accidents, which are often entirely preventable, can change a person's life forever.

Aurora Fire Chief's wife allegedly involved in hit-and-run crash

Motor vehicle accidents can change lives in a matter of seconds. Negligent drivers who cause car accidents in Denver often are held accountable for their poor decisions. Recently, the wife of Aurora's Fire Chief became a suspect in a hit-and-run car accident that injured two children.

Mother with history of mental illness violates custody agreement

When courts rule on a child custody case in Jefferson County, they look to the best interests of the child. Sometimes this does not align with a parent’s expectations, which can lead to emotional stress. However, it is always important for these parents to abide by court decisions, regardless of whether they agree with them, because violations of these orders can lead to serious consequences.

Recent snow brings many car accidents

With the recent return of winter weather to Colorado, the number of car accidents has increased. This past Sunday, on Mother's Day, the state saw quite a bit of snow. This caused numerous highways to be closed and many accidents.

Denver oil company mergers with Houston oil company

When business deals are proposed and formed, parties on both sides of the deal have something to gain. When it comes to mergers and acquisition, specific planning should be conducted in order to ensure the proposed business goals will result. Detailed plans and properly-drafted paperwork will better serve this initiative, while also protecting the rights and interests of all parties involved.

Marc Anthony's ex-wife requests $100,000 raise in monthly support

Some problems may seem to be solved by money, but for divorcing couples in Denver, substantial assets may in fact lead to lengthier legal battles. Celebrities, for example, often have millions of dollars at their disposal, but in a high-asset divorce this could lead to contentious litigation over child support and alimony.

Colorado cinema advertiser acquires New York competitor

The term "hostile takeover" is often used to refer to certain types of mergers and acquisitions. Sadly, it gives a bad image to a process that can actually be quite beneficial to companies. In fact, mergers and acquisitions are fundamental to economic growth in the United States and overseas as well. For companies, mergers and acquisitions can mean a necessary cash infusion, larger consumer bases and important technological efficiencies.

Man may face 15 years in prison for overdue child support

When Denver parents divorce or separate, they must often contend with issues of child support. Some may face emotional and financial problems with making these payments in accordance with their child support guidelines, but it is exceptionally important that these people make every effort to stay current. When accounts become seriously overdue, law enforcement officials and the court system may enter the equation, leading to severe consequences for delinquent payors.

Contract dispute results in Marijuana business litigation

Business dispute can take many forms, from employee discrimination lawsuits to antitrust litigation. While the scope of business law is truly unlimited, one of the most common types of business-related disputes that arise involves contracts. Contract disputes, from allegations of breach to violations of licensing agreements, can have a significant financial impact on businesses. That is why it is important that Colorado companies address these matters aggressively and immediately.

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