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Commercial litigation may arise from mergers and acquisitions

Business and commercial law is an extremely broad area of the law. For Colorado business owners, stock holders and anyone who is involved in a business, our lawyers know that having a deep understanding of business and commercial law allows them to make wise decisions that can positively affect the growth and development of our clients’ businesses. A current common strategy to advance a business’ profitability is a merger or acquisitions. If you are planning to merge your business with another business or planning to buy another business entity, then you may consider a merger and acquisition as valid options.

Generally, mergers and acquisitions refer to a business strategy that involves buying and selling businesses to reach a positive outcome. When two companies combine or consolidate into one, they merge. An acquisition of a company occurs when one company buys large amounts of another company’s stock with the intent of becoming the new owner or establishing new management of the other company. Mergers and acquisitions can be a smooth business strategy if all parties involved are willing to negotiate or work together for the benefit of both sides. However, if a company owner does not want to be acquired or purchased, it can result in hostile takeover attempt and litigation.

Before you plan to takeover another company, it is important to consult your business partners, shareholders or stock owners to determine if your plan will benefit the company or result in its downfall. After thorough consultation and deliberation, it will be time to garner sound legal advice to know how to proceed with a merger or acquisition.

Mergers and acquisitions can result in commercial litigation. So it is always best to arm yourself with the right amount of knowledge that can be obtained from our law firm’s website. It may be helpful in steering you in the right direction.


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