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Colorado child support orders

In Colorado, a parent can obtain a child support order either by applying at their local child support enforcement office or obtaining one through the state judicial system. When an order is issued, the other parent will be required to make his or her ordered payments. If payments are not made, enforcement actions will be taken.

Parents may sometimes be confused about issues regarding parenting time orders and child support orders. For example, if one parent refuses to honor a parenting time order, the other parent may then believe it is fair to cease making child support payments. However, this is inaccurate, as parenting time orders and child support orders are separate from and independent of each other.

Child support must be paid even if the other parent is not allowing visitation of the child. A parent must file a motion in court in order to enforce a parenting time or child support order. In order to obtain child support, a parent can file a motion with their local court or go to the child support office at their local Department of Human Services.

Child support is geared toward providing a child with the standard of living the child would have enjoyed if his or her parents had remained together. Parents who receive a child support order must comply. If a parent’s financial or living circumstances have changed, he or she could consider filing a modification in court concerning the support amount.

Source: Colorado department of Human Services, “First Steps“, October 29, 2014


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