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What are the risks of drunk driving?

There are various risks and dangers on the roadway that could result in serious injuries or even the death or motorists and passengers. Last week, we discussed a tragic drunk driving accident that killed a teen in Arvada. Drunk driving is something that is entirely preventable. If a person doesn’t drive a car while impaired these accidents wouldn’t occur. Besides death, there are many other risks and penalties for driving drunk.

Drunk driving is a serious crime in the United States. A third of the car accidents that occur are caused by a drunk driver with nearly 13,000 people dying in these crashes, 27 each day. There is no reason why a person should drive after drinking. Seriously injuring or killing yourself or another person can easily happen when a bad decision is made.

Each year, roughly 1.4 million motorists are arrested for drunk driving. Of these arrests, two-thirds are previous offenders. According to dosomething.org, a person who is arrested has previously driven drunk an average of 80 times without being caught. The legal consequences for driving drunk can be serious. A person with a first offense in Colorado could receive a year in jail, $1000 fine and a 9-month license suspension.

With the second offense the fine goes up to $1500 and a year license suspension, and the third offense could be a 2-year license suspension. You may also be required to have an ignition interlock device installed in your car. This device requires you to blow into it to test your blood alcohol level before the car will start.

The risks for drunk driving in Colorado are great. Besides the risk of injury or death, there are serious legal consequences as well. They could be held accountable for the injuries and deaths they cause. Drunk drivers could face a civil suit such as a wrongful death claim. This would allow the loved ones of the decease to recover compensation for medical bills, funeral expenses, lost wages and other damages.

A drunk driving accident could be a major tragedy that seriously affects the family and friends of the deceased. Understand what legal remedies are available could help loved ones address issues such and financial hardships caused by the accident.

Source: NCADD.org, “Drinking and driving”, Accessed on Oct. 6, 2014


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