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What income-related child support enforcement methods are there?

For Colorado parents who are owed child support, there are a variety of methods of enforcement available to compel noncustodial parents to pay. If the noncustodial parent finds work, Colorado Child Support Services will generally become aware of that fact and create an income assignment. The income assignment directs employers to deduct wages for current or past due child support.

CSS may learn about employment through new hire reports or Department of Labor wage data. Colorado law requires employers to report new hires to the State Directory of New Hires. An employee is anyone who is required to receive a Form W-2 for tax purposes. The department can then check to see if that person owes child support and take steps to enforce any existing child support order.

The Colorado Department of Labor and Employment may make a claim to a part of any unemployment benefits that a noncustodial parent may receive. State law mandates that a portion of all benefits received are taken to satisfy current child support obligations. Those who are receiving workers’ compensation benefits can have a portion of their benefits taken away in either weekly installments or in lump sum payments.

Noncustodial parents who fail to pay child support may find it difficult to avoid fulfilling their obligation. Employers may be ordered to garnish wages or government agencies may deduct money from unemployment or workers compensation benefits to compel compliance with child support payments. An attorney may be able to work with government agencies and local and state courts to ensure that a child support order is being complied with. A family law attorney may also be beneficial for parents who are seeking a support order or wish to ask for more assistance.

Source: CDHS, “Income Related Enforcement“, October 01, 2014


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