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Motorcycle-car accidents are on the rise

Many people in the Denver area enjoy riding motorcycles. The scenery is beautiful along with many days of good weather good for motorcycle riding. Most motorcycle riders try to stay safe while they ride, but there are still a significant amount of motorcycle accidents that involve motorcyclists and other drivers.

In a study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers compared car accident statistics and motorcycle accident statistics. Notably, in 2008 car related accident deaths reached at all-time low. However, between 1999 and 2008 motorcycle related accident deaths nearly doubled, reaching an all-time high. Specifically, in an eight year period covering 2001 to 2008, about 34,000 motorcyclists lost their lives in accidents. In addition, over 1.2 million had to visit a hospital for the treatment of injuries related to a motorcycle accident. To put these numbers into context, the motorcyclist death rate grew 55 percent during the noted time period.

The popularity of motorcycles has greatly increased over the years as people appreciate the freedom they provide along with the good gas mileage. With the increase of motorcycles comes an increase in catastrophic injuries and death from accidents. Although there have been many “share the road” campaigns designed to make sure cars always stay vigilant and watch for motorcyclists, accidents still happen. In many cases, car drivers neglect to see a motorcyclist and wind up causing a terrible motorcycle accident.

Because a motorcycle offers very little protection during an accident, motorcycle riders can suffer from catastrophic injuries. These can include broken bones, internal injuries, and a head injury. Motorcycle riders may be able to limit their involvement in accidents, or at least the extent of injury, by wearing a helmet, wearing protective clothing, never riding after drinking alcohol, and maintaining a safe speed. Even so, accidents can happen, and negligent drivers who cause a collision with a motorcyclist may be held responsible for the financial repercussions. A legal professional skilled in personal injury can help an injured motorcyclist and their family. They can help the family receive compensation for their injury or death for medical expenses, funeral expenses, lost wages, and other damages.


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