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The laws governing business acquisitions and mergers are often difficult and hard for most people to fathom. Many of Colorado’s business owners know that buying an existing business or merging an existing firm with another can take months to complete. In general, mergers in which two or more companies combine themselves to form a bigger company are easier to do than straight acquisitions. This is especially true if the owners of both businesses share the same ideas or have the same goals.

In an acquisition, business owners can purchase from a private owner or buy controlling interest in the stock of another company; once they have become the major stockholders, they are effectively the new owners.

Our law firm focuses on mergers and acquisitions. We understand the complexities of these cases, and our team of legal professionals tailors an approach that best suits each client’s needs. Through our years of experience, we have helped many companies move successfully and peacefully through mergers and acquisitions that benefited both sides.

Neither mergers nor acquisitions need to be hostile. We use legal solutions that are based on each client’s unique situation. To ensure that clients get the best legal representation, we thoroughly study their case to determine which approach will be most successful. If there is a more subtle but effective approach to handle the case, we will pursue that path.

Mergers and acquisitions can result in major losses if not handled properly. To protect the best interests of the business, we encourage business owners to carefully plan their moves before they execute their plans, whether that is a merger or an acquisition. We can draft a business strategy for any potential client with the assurance that litigation will have favorable results.

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