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Legal representation during child support disputes

Children in Colorado deserve to have all of their financial needs met, regardless of whether or not their parents are married. We work with mothers and fathers who are involved in legal disputes over child support payments. While keeping the best interests of children in the forefront, we work to help our clients secure a fair and appropriate child support arrangement.

Depending on how each parent earns his or her income, making a determination about what is an appropriate child support order can be very straightforward or incredibly complex. If you are concerned that a judge may order child support payments that are too low or too high, we can help to ensure that the judge’s decision is based on accurate financial information.

In some child support cases, a formula is used to determine the monthly payments that will be ordered. Although the formula may work well in some cases, it does not translate very well to cases where one or both parents are self-employed or have a high net worth. A parent in this situation will need representation from a family law attorney who has an understanding of finances that goes beyond the 9 to 5. We have an in-depth knowledge of business income, tax returns and complex financial data that we can use to help ensure your position is well represented with factual evidence.

No matter how complex your child support case is, we may be able to represent your interests during court proceedings and help you achieve the outcome you desire. Take a moment to visit our page on child support to learn more.

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