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The sale of a business can be one of the most difficult phases for a business owner who has spent long hours and great effort building a successful business. However, sale of a business is sometimes the best option, especially for owners who can no longer provide the attention needed to keep the business thriving and who don’t have a family member or friend to take over and continue the legacy they started. It is important to note that business sales and dissolutions do not happen overnight. The process takes time and great effort to complete.

Our Colorado law firm, Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C., has honed our legal focus to business litigation. Our team of legal professionals has helped many business owners sell their businesses and has performed numerous asset sale transactions. One of the many challenges of business sales is finding the right buyer. Often, many people may express interest but very few have real intentions and financial capability of buying so finding a prospective viable buyer may take some time. In some cases, business sellers are looking for that special someone who has the same ideals as theirs because they want their company legacy to continue to thrive once the sale is completed. In order to find the perfect buyer, we consider the wishes of the business owner. We also work with business appraisers who can determine the value of business.

Once we have gathered all necessary facts and information, our firm’s attorneys negotiate with prospective buyers. We also craft exit strategies to ensure a smooth transition from the former owner to the new one.

Business owners who are considering selling their businesses might want to visit our page, which provides basic information on business litigation, sales and dissolutions and other similar issues.


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