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Beware social media when it comes to divorce

Divorce is an inherently difficult time for the entire family dealing with the split. For the spouses involved, they have to make a lot of tough decisions regarding some very critical issues. Financial considerations, children (if they are involved) and long-term planning are all crucial elements during a divorce.

But amid all of these very important issues, a subtle, but just as important, issue lurks beneath the surface of the divorce. We’re talking about social media. You may not think about this as a divorce issue. “Who cares about a Facebook status update from a year ago, or a tweet I sent years ago?,” you may think. However, these pieces of online data can be crucial bits of evidence in divorce court — and they can drastically alter the outcome of certain factors involved in your divorce.

For example, your online accounts could contain information that reveals hidden assets, or assets that weren’t disclosed during the divorce process. Your online accounts could reveal an affair you may have had. Your online accounts could have a series of photos that establish a timeline that could be utilized by your soon-to-be-ex to strengthen his or her case. 

These are just a few ways that social media can come back to bite you during divorce. And if you think that deleting the evidence from your accounts is the solution, think again. There are ways to recover that data and use it during the divorce, except now you look even worse because you tried to destroy evidence.

When it comes to social media during divorce, tread lightly.

Source: Forbes, “How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce,” Jeff Landers, Aug. 20, 2013


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