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Facing a divorce? Don’t go it alone!

Most individuals facing the prospect of a divorce can recognize the advantage of seeking legal representation. Divorce can be an emotionally charged experience, even when the parties are cooperating. Having a professional legal advocate by one’s side can ensure that a levelheaded perspective will be brought to discussions of property division, support or other divorce topics.

Yet how does an individual go about choosing a divorce attorney? Awards are certainly one measurable criterion, and our Colorado divorce attorneys have received several notable commendations, as proudly displayed on our web page. Yet effective legal representation also requires an ability to communicate with one’s client. 

When it comes to client communication, our website provides a snapshot of the conscientious and thorough explanations we offer in response to client questions. That level of service is provided to all types of individuals seeking divorce. For example, we have represented biological and non-biological parents seeking child custody. We also understand the attention some family law commentators have given to fathers’ rights. We also are able to support clients seeking divorce alternatives, such as separation agreements. Finally, our advocacy is consistently strong, whether it is provided in court or in alternative forums like mediation or arbitration.

Effective client communication in a divorce proceeding cannot be overemphasized, which is why our family law firm places such an emphasis on it. We strive not only to explain the law, but also how specific legal provisions will affect each client’s unique family situation.

When confronted with the changes of a newly single lifestyle, an individual may be too preoccupied with the emotional fears and anxiety that often accompany such changes. Our attorneys take the time to help each client understand how his or her choices regarding property division, child custody or a parenting plan will affect his or her new lifestyle. To learn more about our approach to divorce, check out our firm’s website. 


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Litigation is a journey. This is a journey we have taken with our clients a countless number of times. If you face the uncertainty, risk, fear, anger, or disbelief that comes with the prospect of going through a legal dispute, the law firm of Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. will help you through it.