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How a divorce can actually be a solution rather than a problem

It goes without saying that divorce is a complicated matter that requires many difficult steps in order to successfully complete it. In addition to the fact that it represents the end of marriage, it’s no wonder that divorce has such a bad reputation. It is almost always portrayed as something that may not necessarily be “evil,” but is most definitely “bad.” 

Such a portrayal is a problem in its own right. If a couple no longer has a tenable relationship, are they just supposed to stay together against their own wishes simply so that they don’t take the “bad” route? This is obviously not a realistic or even logical way to proceed, but some couples do it simply because they want to avoid the “problem” that is divorce — or, maybe more accurately, the idea that is divorce.

In some relationships, the traditional portrayals of marriage (good) and divorce (bad) simply don’t correlate. A couple that has seen their relationship hit the rocks will find that the solution (divorce) to their problem (their marriage) actually frees them up and makes them happier over the long run.

Make no mistake, the process of a divorce may not be particularly fun. Far from it, actually. It can be stressful and will take some time. However, there are some techniques you can utilize that could help you and your spouse to effectively and efficiently complete your divorce with as little stress and time-consuming meetings as possible.

Divorce isn’t always the problem. In fact, it can be a way for you to reinvent yourself and your life.

Source: Huffington Post, “Forget Divorce. Staying In A Bad Marriage Is The ‘True Tragedy’,” Brittany Wong, April 27, 2015


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