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Complex international custody case receives emergency motion

There are many Colorado residents who loved the show “Gossip Girl,” and those fans are probably very aware of the custody problems that have faced one of the show’s actresses. Kelly Rutherford was married to Daniel Giersch in 2006, but in 2008 they filed for divorce. By 2010 the divorce was granted, but for the following three years, the divorced parents fought over the custody of their children.

This came to a head in 2013 when Giersch was cleared by a judge’s order to have custody of the children overseas. They reside in Monaco, and recently Giersch decided to push things even further: he attempted to change the citizenship of his children.

Rutherford understandably filed an emergency motion, which was granted by a U.S. judge. The judge ordered Giersch to return the children to the U.S. for a June 15 court hearing, and that Rutherford now has temporary custody of the children. The judge also expressed concern at the way Giersch was handling the custody situation, referencing supposed violations of the custody agreement since 2013.

Where this extraordinary case goes from here is unknown, but this story exemplifies the tense and often complicated, nature of child custody disputes.

Usually the splitting spouses can immediately agree on some sort of shared custody in a divorce. But if that is not possible, then a complex custody discussion needs to take place. These discussions are inherently emotional and stressful, and the parents involved need to have adequate legal representation by their side to ensure these discussions are handled properly.

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