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Don’t worry: the complexities of divorce can be solved

You don’t have to look any further than the last five or six posts on this blog to know that divorce is a very, very complex subject. It’s emotionally complex; it’s legally complex; it’s financially complex; and there are myriad different ways that the issues inherent to divorce can stack up or interact in any given case to produce unexpected or never-before-seen results.

So then the obvious question becomes “how do you make sense of the legal quagmire than is divorce?” Well, you need to get an attorney — and not just any attorney, but one of the experienced and highly-knowledgeable attorneys at Ciancio Ciancio Brown. With all of the issues that you will face during divorce, you need to have that experience and legal knowledge in your corner.

From property division to child custody, and alimony to prenuptial agreements, we can help you get through the divorce process with your dignity intact and with as little stress as possible. That doesn’t mean there won’t be hard times — but we will work hard for you to get past these potential hurdles.

But don’t let a complete divorce fool you. There can be potential issues down the road, even after you have completed your divorce and it seems as though you and your spouse have finally gone your separate ways for good. Sometimes modifications, legal challenges, or appeals are needed or filed, and in these cases you will need an attorney to help you and your spouse reach an acceptable agreement.


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Litigation is a journey. This is a journey we have taken with our clients a countless number of times. If you face the uncertainty, risk, fear, anger, or disbelief that comes with the prospect of going through a legal dispute, the law firm of Ciancio Ciancio Brown, P.C. will help you through it.