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When it comes to child support, know what you are getting into

In our last post, we talked about an astonishing and extreme child custody case that spans the Atlantic Ocean. Today, let’s talk about another critical aspect of divorce that also involves children: child support. This is often an overlooked, though still vitally important, factors in a divorce, and people need to realize what they are getting into when a child support agreement is in place.

Most of this centers on the paying spouse. Obviously, as the paying spouse, you will have a lot on your plate until your child support obligations are fulfilled. Monthly installments for your child support will put a significant strain on your finances.

But can’t just not pay. Skipping out on child support payments can lead to you going to jail. If you are jailed, you could lose your job, or struggle to find a new job, or, at the very least, lose out on time at work that could be used to help you pay off your child support requirements.

Missing child support payments can lead to an endless cycle. You miss payments; you go to jail; you aren’t able to make new payments because you missed work or lost your job; fines and penalties accrue; you still can’t pay the child support; you go to jail; the cycle goes on and on.

For those who are paying child support, remember to maintain your discipline with making the payments. If other circumstances arise that make it nearly impossible for you to keep up with the payments, then you should consider modifying the existing plan so that the payments are more forgiving.

Source: New York Times, “Skip Child Support. Go to Jail. Lose Job. Repeat.,” Frances Robles and Shaila Dewan, April 19, 2015


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