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Why pets can have such a huge role to play in a divorce

A lot of people probably think that the idea of pet custody in divorce is a new phenomenon that just popped up in the past six months. They may even scoff at the idea that pet custody is even “a thing” when it comes to divorce. Just because something is unconventional though doesn’t mean that it isn’t a serious matter, nor does it mean that something is so new that no one knows how to deal with the situation.

Specifically with pet custody, the matter has been involved in divorce for quite a long time now. It wasn’t until recent years that the matter grew to the point that it received more wide-spread attention. Now it is a fairly common issue within the family law community, and there are ways to effectively and efficiently deal with the matter.

Remember that even though you may think the idea of “pet custody” is ridiculous, there are many people and families out there who have pets, and in many cases, those pet owners see their pet as a family member. The pet is like the child they never had. So when these matters get so serious that negotiations and a custody deal are necessary, it shouldn’t exactly be shocking. People care about their pets, and they want to enjoy their presence — even after a divorce.

Don’t be afraid that a pet, or a disagreement about custody of a pet, will derail your divorce. As serious as these matters can be, there is still a way to reach a resolution that will make both parties happy and allow them to see their Fido or Mittens.

Source: New York Post, “Dogs are the new kids in NYC custody battles,” Lindsay Putnam, April 7, 2015


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