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Tips to avoid business litigation

In the competitive world of business, sometimes situations arise where two or more companies find themselves at odds with each other. Issues such as contract disputes, vendor disputes, payment disputes and other conflicts can give rise to potential lawsuits and costly litigation. However, before heading to court, company owners would do well to consider alternatives to resolving any problems or arguments pertaining to their business.

The first suggestion is twofold and revolves around communication. More often than not, disputes that arise between two companies are based off valid concerns. With this in mind, any company owner who is being challenged by a vendor or client needs to try and see the issue from the other’s point of view and communicate to resolve any issues. The communication process should be tactful and professional without animosity or negative emotions. Approaching communication with an open mind can go a long way in reaching a win-win agreement.

Furthermore, when a situation does arise, the party who feels they are being victimized should address any issues immediately. Waiting for a resolution to happen or putting off the confrontation can lead to the problem becoming worse. Companies should also train their employees on reporting and evaluating any potential issues, and the appropriate parties within the company should be allocated to deal with risks should they surface.

For businesses that face the same contentious issues over and over, they may want to re-evaluate their own business practices to try and identify any contract provisions or operational methods that may be causing strife with their clients and/or vendors. Sometimes, turning the mirror on oneself, as it were, can shed light on current practices within the business that are less than ideal. Armed with that knowledge, a business can then seek to rectify the situation from the inside out.

Finally, having solid provisions incorporated into all legal documents will help avoid any future issues. All contracts and other legal instruments should be expressly clear in what will be provided or expected throughout the course of the business transaction or relationship.

Following these suggestions may not ensure a company will never experience litigation; however, adhering to these steps and maintaining clear, constant and congenial communication may help lessen the risk. If you are facing potential litigation or want to further protect yourself from such disputes, a Denver commercial law attorney may be able to help.


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