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What should I do if I think my spouse is hiding money?

We all want to trust the ones we love but unfortunately they might not always deserve it. If you suspect your spouse may be hiding assets in preparation for divorce, rest assured there are always ways to bring hidden assets into the light.

Keep records. Whether you have a feeling something isn’t quite right or notice money is missing, it is important to always keep detailed and accurate financial records. If you accuse your spouse of hiding money, the last thing you need is someone questioning you about your less than stellar record-keeping skills. Besides, money that goes unaccounted for is much easier to find if everything else is accounted for.

Talk it out. If you have concerns about your family’s financial situation sit down and discuss it with your spouse. Avoid talking to family members and friends about your worries until you have had a chance to get it straight from the horse’s mouth. Letting your spouse know you’ve taken your concerns to the gossip level may only increase their likelihood to lie.

Get backup. If things get rocky and an impending divorce is looming, find yourself an attorney you can trust. Attorneys who are highly skilled in divorce law have the resources needed to take a discovery to the next level. With the investigative help of forensic accountants, divorce attorneys can compile financials, configure accurate incomes and discover hidden assets.

Unfortunately, the question of hidden assets is common during divorce cases. During a rigorous divorce discovery process your attorney can help find hidden assets that may impact your divorce settlement.


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