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August 2015 Archives

Teen pleads guilty in accident that kills brother

There is bound to be guilt and remorse felt by a driver after negligent acts cause injury or death to others. Many times these dangerous behaviors impact strangers, passersby or other drivers, but for one Colorado teen, her decision to drink and drive impacted her family and took the life of her own brother.

Discovery process helps account for marital assets

While some couples of high asset divorces have no problem identifying and dividing property, there are some cases where certain assets may not be known by one spouse or the other, until the discovery process of a divorce. For those of us not familiar with what discovery actually refers to, it is the exchange of financial and economic information between spouses and their attorneys. This financial disclosure between spouses and the court is an absolutely necessary step in the divorce process. Considering the financial impact a high asset divorce may have on spouses, full, honest and accurate disclosure during the discovery process is crucial.

Family abduction, when to call the police.

Emotions run especially high during custody battles. Although not extremely common, child abduction by a family member does happen. For the parent left behind, the uncertainty of their child's whereabouts, and fear for their safety can be petrifying.  Understandably so, many times the first thing a parent in this situation does, is reach for the phone.

What ever happened to the handshake contract?

Not too long ago business was done with a handshake contract. In just minutes two people would weigh their trust for one another, come to an understanding, and agree on terms all during one conversation. Although hiring a teen to mow the grass or finding a baby sitter for the night can still be done through a handshake contract, most of those days are over. Business deals are now hashed out over months with a team of well respected and highly skilled attorneys. So what ever happened to the handshake contract? Well, it went the same way as consumers' trust did.

Can a fatal car accident be a wrongful death case?

There are over 200 million licensed drivers in the U.S. alone. That is a lot of traffic and creates the potential for fatal accidents. All sorts of dangerous behaviors from drinking to texting are responsible for causing injuries and deaths to thousands each year.

What is a Real Estate Investment Trust?

A Real Estate Investment Trust, or REIT, is first and foremost a company. Their objective is to own and manage real estate that, in some manner, produces income. These money making real estate properties can range in interest from warehouse rental space to apartment buildings. They can also include, shopping malls, hospitals and resorts. Although the idea of a REIT is fairly easy to understand, the creation of one is anything but easy and requires a clear understanding of U.S. tax law and a good attorney.

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