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What ever happened to the handshake contract?

Not too long ago business was done with a handshake contract. In just minutes two people would weigh their trust for one another, come to an understanding, and agree on terms all during one conversation. Although hiring a teen to mow the grass or finding a baby sitter for the night can still be done through a handshake contract, most of those days are over. Business deals are now hashed out over months with a team of well respected and highly skilled attorneys. So what ever happened to the handshake contract? Well, it went the same way as consumers’ trust did.

During big projects such as renovating a business or building a home, many things can go wrong. Although it takes an entire team of people to tackle some of these projects, it takes only one to mess it all up. When putting your trust in a contractor, subcontractor, architect or tradesmen the last thing you want is to find out they have cut corners on your project. Yet it happens all the time, and consumers are getting tired of it.

As sad as it is, that business can’t be conducted on trust alone, there are ways to keep consumers safe, that can offer ease of mind better than the old handshake. Attorneys skilled in construction law know the ins and outs of big projects, and can provide consumers with contracts and advice to ensure the process runs smoothly. If in the event things don’t go as planned, the same attorneys can help with everything from disputes to litigation.

In this day and age, having a contract drafted for all project agreements is just good business. If and when issues arise, consumers can rest assured they will have more to fall back on than a handshake.


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