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Stem cells for spinal cord injuries

When an accident causes catastrophic injury to the spinal cord there is sure to be an extensive recovery time, which, in most cases, never leads to full recovery. Whether back or neck, any injury to the spinal column can have a devastating impact on an individual’s quality of life and permanent health.

Thanks to two decades of aggressive stem cell research, individuals that suffer traumatic spinal cord injuries now have better, and in some cases, more successful treatment options available. But, before getting too excited about the possibilities, the cost of such a promising treatment should be considered.

Although when researching stem cell treatments, most agencies and medical centers are reluctant to offer price information, they do usually drive the point that insurance companies do not cover any portion of their treatment. That being said, like almost all other medical services, the out of pocket or self pay costs can be substantial, even in the millions of dollars.

For individuals that have suffered a spinal cord injury due to the negligence of others, whether through an auto accident or work injury, it is crucial to speak to your injury attorney about the best treatments available to you, and what you are likely to need for a full recovery. With their help, fair compensation for your injury and treatment may be possible. With ever advancing stem cell research and the treatment available for certain injuries, some catastrophic cases may require additional compensation for the best hope of recovery. For those cases, a trusted and experienced injury attorney can help get the compensation needed for proper treatment.


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