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October 2015 Archives

Wrongful death suit filed against Colorado Springs man

A 54-year-old Colorado Springs man has just been given a sentence of 37 years in prison for the shooting death of his tenant last January. In July, the shooter was convicted of second-degree murder in addition to menacing with a weapon.

Warrant issued for reckless driving of hospitalized man

Erratic and reckless driving is not only a hazard to others on the road but to the negligent driver as well. For one Colorado man, reckless driving not only caused death and destruction but landed him in the hospital with a warrant issued for his arrest.

One-Minute Brief on the Adams County Water Bill Controversy

Jason Gruenauer with ABC 7 News reports that many homeowners in Adams County are seeing the price of their water bills skyrocket - as much as $1,000 or more. Gruenauer quotes one homeowner: "It's kinda hard to go through 44,000 gallons in a month" (as much as three swimming pools, apparently), but that's what showed on this homeowner's water bill.

Denver Takes On Construction Defects Reform

"Could three of the four largest cities be that wrong?" asks Tom Clark of the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp., referring to Colorado cities that have passed (or, like Denver, are working to pass) their own ordinances on construction defects reform. They have done so, Clark argues, because state legislators have repeatedly failed to pass statewide reform.

Two years in a row for Denver in top 6

In a recent report put out by the Urban Land Institute, Denver proves its continued commercial strength by remaining in the top six cities with the best commercial real estate market in the nation. While the Emerging Trends report had Denver in fourth place in 2015, this year's report has it ranked as sixth following Dallas/Fort Worth holding first, Austin, Seattle, Charlotte and Atlanta.

Consumers taken by BBB rating

For many American consumers, The Better Business Bureau is the foremost authority on who we should and should not do business with. It has been a long time belief that the BBB had the consumer's best interest at heart when accrediting certain companies with its coveted A+ rating. However, a recent CNNMoney story may give some consumers a reason to shy away from BBB advice.

What is parental alienation syndrome?

Divorce is difficult for all involved but especially for the children of divorcing parents. During the process of divorce, a child's life is completely changed. Their home life and schedule may change drastically, leaving them feeling frustrated and out of control. The last thing a child of divorcing parents needs is to have their mother or father's anger and resentment placed on their shoulders. Unfortunately, it is common for divorcing parents to say hurtful things about each other in the presence of their children. When these comments directly impact the feelings or thoughts a child has for a parent, it is commonly called parental alienation syndrome.

Frustrated homeowners want commercial space

It is not too often that we read about communities angry over the lack of commercial offerings in their area. Usually growth is pretty even that way. People come, businesses come, jobs come and retail is a part of it all. However, for some Arvada, Colorado residents the retail has yet to come, and it's making them nervous.

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