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January 2016 Archives

What is alternative dispute resolution?

If you choose to work with a contractor during the construction of your home or other property, you will likely be asked to sign some type of construction contract. While these contracts may help protect each party involved in the construction process, they cannot address every issue that may arise. In the unfortunate event you are faced with construction delays, unexpected expenses or poor craftsmanship, you may eventually consider taking the legal route to resolve your issue. However, before filing a lawsuit, consider having an attorney look over your contract for any clauses regarding alternative dispute resolutions. 

Driver suspected of DUI kills two

Each year thousands of lives are lost to accidents caused by drunk drivers. Only a few weeks into 2016 and the Denver community mourns the loss of two talented musicians. The crash that led to the death of these two young men was believed to be caused by a man under the influence of alcohol.

The importance of an FDD to franchisees

Many individuals choose to buy into a successful company through the purchase of a franchise. The relationship created through a franchise is a legal one that allows an individual to use a service, trademark or advertising symbol in their business. Fast food chains are commonly franchised and are typically proven successful.

Can moving out affect future custody?

The beginning process of divorce typically follows a certain pattern. After attempts to reconcile the marriage fail, couples tend to start taking the initial steps of separating while filing for divorce. One of these first steps is usually for one spouse to move out of the marital home. For childless couples, this move may not affect much more than property division in a divorce. However, for couples with children, a move from the marital home may affect future custody arrangements.

Can my child choose who to live with?

The term child custody has not been used in Colorado Family Court since 1999. Since then, it has been replaced with the term parental responsibility. This change of term does not impact how child custody is decided. While most aspects of a child custody case are pretty universal, in Colorado not only are grandparent's rights weighed but, in certain cases, a child may be allowed to suggest which parent he or she would like to live with.

Determining fault after an auto accident

Not all automobile accidents are cut and dried. Many times, the parties involved in an auto accident will argue over who is actually at fault for the event. Although there are certain cases in which accident liability is easily determined, occasionally other measures of the accident investigation are necessary to properly identify the responsible party.

A partnership may open you up to litigation

Forming a business is a big step. For many people, going it alone is too scary of a concept and, therefore, may prompt them to bring in a partner. While going into business with your best friend, peer or significant other may sound like a wonderful idea, the truth is you may not be able to count on that relationship if and when times get tough.

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