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Plan now for summer schedule change

Whether you are newly divorced or in the process of receiving a divorce, child custody can make scheduling life difficult. Even for divorced parents that have been working with the same schedule for years, negotiating arrangements around you and your child’s schedule can create frustration. Fortunately, regardless of how little or how much experience you have, planning ahead for schedule changes can help make custody arrangements easier to handle.

For many of us, summer seems awfully far away. However as spring ramps up and our children get antsy for a break, it can be easy for time to get away from us. That is why it is important for divorced or divorcing parents to plan ahead for the changes a new summer schedule may bring.

Summer break means children are home all day long, and for working parents this may pose a significant challenge. Babysitters, day care providers and summer camps are all options that parents may have when handling their child’s new schedule. However, as easy as it may seem to plan for care, it is the little challenges that may impact parents the most.

Depending on your child’s age, they may be enrolled in summer school or engaged in summer sports. These activities can cut into a parent’s time with their child, and may even make scheduling day care more difficult. Addressing these concerns now can help avoid possible challenges in the future. Although we may still be in New Year mode, summer is coming and working out a manageable schedule for you and your child may be key to making this summer an enjoyable one.

Divorced parents facing an issue with their child’s summer schedule or their current custody arrangement may benefit by speaking to a family law attorney. With their help, issues can be addressed and, if necessary, a modification to custody can be requested.


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