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Serious mistakes that can derail divorce proceedings

Divorce can be tumultuous time for Colorado families. While the experience is never easy, certain decisions and actions can compound the misery for all involved. This includes the following examples of what not to do during a divorce, as listed by The Huffington Post.

Perhaps the greatest mistake one can make during a divorce is letting anger dictate actions. Certain situations, such as child welfare or a refusal of visitation rights, warrant aggressive and passionate action to ensure all parties are treated fairly. However, less serious gripes and grievances should be responded to accordingly. It’s important to keep a cooler head even when faced with aggravating circumstances, as this will ultimately work in one’s favor, especially during court proceedings.

When it comes to things like child support, taking an honest appraisal of the current financial outlook is crucial. This goes for both the recipient of funds as well as the person tasked with payment. Asking for less than what is needed to maintain a family’s lifestyle will only end in anger and frustration. Conversely, agreeing to pay a certain amount that may not be feasible will result in penalties and possibly even jail time. In both cases, honesty is the best policy.

There are also steps one can take to make the process of divorcing easier on the whole family. Psychology Today suggests taking some time away from spouses while navigating divorce proceedings. This makes it possible to engage in the tough decisions while also keeping emotions at bay. Additionally, writing out parenting plans and other agreements is great for ensuring all parties remain accountable to decisions that have been jointly made. To this end, discuss and document how changes in lifestyle will be handled, such as long-distance moves or new employment.



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